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Pet Parent | Teri Adams-Fjellman

Fur babies add to the wonderment and make life more enjoyable. We have been blessed to have two of the most amazing dogs that are sharing our life. We have enjoyed exploring and playing in the Colorado outdoors.


Unfortunately, we all age. Our large dog, Kaiah (age 8) is a Mastiff/Golden mix. She loves to run, play and join on any outdoor excursion. As the years have passed, she has become slower in pace and we could tell she was in pain. She has an extremely sensitive system and does not do well with traditional medications. We didn't want to ruin her liver in the process of managing her pain. We also didn't want her to be "druggy" and sleep her life away. 


In looking for a product to help in managing her pain, we started exploring alternative medicines. We researched and read many articles on CBD being utilized in the management of pain for animals. With so many products on the market, deciding which to use was becoming a full-time endeavor that was both confusing and frustrating. We needed an expert that would answer all our questions. Luckily, Shari joined my business group. Her passion and knowledge of her product was a God-send.


We are able to help Kaiah in managing her pain and allow her to live life to the fullest. Her new normal isn't what it once was, but she is able to navigate the stairs, play in the yard as a puppy and enjoy short outings. It is such a relief as a pet owner to be able to provide a solution for our pets when they are in need. Our pets are always there for us, unconditionally - it's a huge weight lifted off our shoulders knowing we can be there for them when they need it.



Teri Adams-Fjellman | Owner/Artist | blessings! Jewelry & Art Workshops

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