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Whole Plant Hemp Oil for Cats

Whole Plant Hemp Oil for Cats


1 bottle

Net contents: 0.50 oz (15 mL)

  • Product Info

    Whole-plant hemp oil for cats delivers a balanced approach to supporting the endocannabinoid system of your feline friend.


    Canna Companion veterinary professionals collected data from thousands of animals over 5 years, before making this special feline CBD oil formula with balanced ratios of major cannabinoids (CBD:THC 3:1-4:1), types of CBD (CBDA:CBD 1:2), combinations of minor cannabinoids (medium levels of CBC and CBN & high levels of CBG), and specific cat-friendly terpene profiles.


    Our CBD for cats is formulated to support feline neurological systems, including but not limited to the normal functions of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral neuromuscular input.


    Active Ingredients per Ounce: 

    Whole Plant (Full Spectrum) Hemp Oil 15 mL; (Contains naturally occurring cannabinoids, including 1.25 mg / 0.1 mL average CBD.)


    Inactive Ingredients:



    Directions for Use:

    Give 0.1 ml per 10 lb 2-3 times d